Leave the Dirt Work to Trained Professionals

Turn to our team for excavation services in Duson, LA

When you need professional excavation services, look no further than Judice Dirt & Demolition. We handle a variety of dirt work for construction projects of all sizes. Discuss your needs with our team, and we'll recommend the best service for you.

Curious about the services we provide? Visit our Gallery page now to see photos of our work in the Duson, LA area.

3 great times to get trenching and excavation services

Here at Judice Dirt & Demolition, we're proud to offer professional trenching and excavation services in the Duson and Lafayette, LA areas. But just when should you utilize these services? Consider turning to our local excavation company if:

  1. You're installing a pond or ditch for improved property drainage
  2. You're digging a trench for new electrical and water lines
  3. You're preparing your property for new construction
We can perform all the necessary trenching and excavation work to keep your project running smoothly. Connect with us today to get started.