Don't Let Something Old Stand in the Way of What's New

Plan a commercial or residential demolition service in Duson & Lafayette, LA

If you have an old shed in your backyard that needs to be removed, turn to Judice Dirt & Demolition for commercial or residential demolition services. We can demolish and haul away any small structure on your property safely and efficiently.

Call today to schedule your residential or commercial demolition service in Duson & Lafayette, LA.

We leave your property cleaner than when we arrived

There are no limits to what our residential or commercial demolition company can do. Hire us to remove:

  • Concrete slabs or old structures
  • Old parking lots with too many potholes
  • Driveways or walkways with structural damage

We value your property and go the extra mile to leave it spotless. After removing your unwanted structure or concrete surface, we'll haul away the leftover debris.

Contact our team now to schedule your commercial or residential demolition service in Duson & Lafayette, LA.

Think of us when you need demolition done right

Whether you're planning a commercial retrofit or looking to gut your kitchen, you can trust us to take care of it. We provide both commercial and residential demolition services, and we have lots of experience tearing down unwanted or unsafe structures.

When it comes to residential or commercial demolition, you want a contractor you can count on. We always put safety first and make sure to follow the proper procedures when demolishing a building.

Reach out to us today to ask about the commercial demolition work we do in Lafayette and Duson, LA.

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